Hey, I’m Katie Rose.

I am a technical project manager looking for remote work with a proficiency in website design and development.

My expertise lies in utilizing effective leadership strategies and fostering strong client relationships to ensure that every project achieves its maximum potential.

I am available for WordPress consulting or technical project management roles for agencies.



I was Team Lead with this app and led three product cycles between 2019 – 2020. Built with React Native, Expo, Typescript, and AWS.

I played with NASA’s POD API and found the earliest date their data goes back to. 

My first project during my full-stack web bootcamp was to make a site purely in HTML/CSS with a team.

Agency Work

Genomind →

Role: Started as project manager and then transitioned into lead developer. Worked with the client's independent designer.
Goal: Migration from Hubspot to WordPress and Elementor. Connect forms to Salesforce API. Update branding and website UX.
Results: Updated branding and easier for marketing to post content. Successfully connected forms to Salesforce, worked with their IT team for testing. Client signed on to our hosting and maintenance.

Atiba →

Role: Lead developer, worked with internal design team.
Goal: Migrate away from custom ACF theme to Elementor, update branding.
Results: Improved performance, trained marketing team on how to edit the site and set up content. Overall improvement for agency sales and marketing needs.

Roux Advertising →

Role: Lead developer, followed PDF design from their designer.
Goal: Simple landing page to improve contact with sales.
Result: Quick launch (less than a week), built with Elementor, improved leads. Client signed on to our hosting and maintenance.

Sun Capital →

Role: Web developer, email designer and dev, working with our internal designer.
Goal: Large brand re-design and updated email templates, weekly content updates.
Results: Improved unique lead traffic, overall UX updated, stronger client relationship and continued support.

Anyar, Inc →

Role: Lead developer and designer.
Goal: Complete re-design, update content.
Results: Quick to launch (less than a month), improved traffic, branding.